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  1. DO I remember you? How old do you think I am? Of course I remember you. What do you need to know?


    • Hello Piotr
      This is Ted from Sacramento/willits. well I wonder how far north are you now.I will be traveling in spirit with you. I hope everything is great .I hope that you will be receiving my e mail .I sent you one yesterday.Stay healthy and sefe.Happy traveling.
      Ted ,El Greco

  2. Hi Poitr,
    Your travels around the world are simply amazing! My friend and I helped direct you through Healdsburg CA about a month ago. I can’t even imagine the sense of adventure you get to experience everyday. Very cool! I also can’t believe you’re down in Mexico now. Good luck with your Spanish. Keep on riding buddy and be safe on your trip!
    Be well!

  3. Hi Peter,
    We met you in brookings Oregon in May 2014. We were at the McDonalds and you spoke with My husband Jim. We have been praying for you. I am so glad to hear you are still on your journey. Good luck and God Speed… 🙂

  4. Hola Piotr! its Shahar (from Israel).
    How are you? hope everything is well. I came back to Medellin. Have some good photos of you, I will send it to you soon. It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck with the rest of your travel. p.s great photos!

  5. Hi! We are marcos and cecilia, from las grutas. We just wanted to say Hi and to remind you that anything you need, here we are! Also… are you updating your blog in English? Stay safe!

  6. Witaj Piotr
    Widze ze pieski , kotki, kotki , pieski oraz foki na stale wlaczyly sie w twoje podroze. Jak zawsze sledze Twoje poczynania stale. Pozdrawiam
    Grzegorz Piasecki

  7. hola pytr. i met you in the parking lot of Rays in Garberville Ca. Humboldt county. happy you cycled thru. nice to know the radical adventurist is active and actualized thru your efforts. thank you from All of us. aloha. teri. white cargo van. thanks for helping me with the water happy travels

  8. Hello Piotr,I thought to drop you a line and tell you that I am trying to keep track of your news and your location.
    In hope all is well with you. when you have the time band feel up to it let me know your new location . it seems that you that you should be in Washington state.
    My best t you great biker!
    Take care a have a great evening and good ride tommorow
    Happy and safe ride.
    Ted , El Greco from California

      • Hello Piotr,
        Greetings to you my friend. Yes I got your emails , Thank you .I am happy for you that things going well. I often think of you and your adventure and each day makes you stronger in spite your tiredness. Every day brings you closer to your destination and your goal.
        I wonder where are you now on your destination and the weather conditions that you fight everyday.You are a tough guy. Just know that I am glad i run in to you and discover a great adventurer. Keep
        on pedaling Piotr and be very proud for the kind of athlete you are.
        When you can ,keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. O.K.
        Have a good rest and God be with you.
        Your friend. Theodor

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