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On this English version of the page, you will find some fragments of the Polish version. Initially, that website was about to serve as a blog for my cycling trip I had started in the autumn 2011. I wanted to go from Alaska to Argentina, but, for various reasons, I finished my journey in Las Vegas, the USA. Having returned home I realized that even without cycling itself, I still may travel – through the memories of the trips I made, through the books I read, the movies I watched, the moments I experienced in every trivial minute of my life. So I started writing about that. About things which seemingly without any significance happen around us every day. Things that even if we do not realize at once, may have a profound impact on our lives.

So far, I have visited lots of countries on five continents. For some years I worked as a teacher, which gave me the opportunity to have longer holidays. Some time ago I noticed that I used to return home only to put aside some money for my next trip. So, I decided to reverse that order – quit school, and start travelling more. I published four books (available in Polish language), and the fifth is going to be published in the autumn, 2019. 

Why do I travel? I don’t know. I just like cycling, changing places and meeting new people – it seems to be the most plausible explanation.

In the autumn 2013, I undertook the second attempt to cycle from Alaska to Argentina. In the vicinity of Seattle, after a curious accident I broke my knee and I had to come back to Poland. I left my bike in Portland, and I came back to the USA in spring, 2014. After ten months, I finished my journey on Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina, but a few months later I decided to cycle both American continents again.

In July, 2016 I started my trip in Ushuaia and after sixteen months of cycling I got to Fairbanks, Alaska, so, I cycled the distance from Alaska to Argentina twice, both ways:) You may call it – a bizarre enterprise:) 

In 2018-2019 I was cycling in Asia (Thailand, Burma, Laos, China, Cambodia). Currently, I am in Poland (Spring/Summer, 2019).   

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