“It has been said that when one of the great tzadik was asked by his disciples to reveal the secret of his wisdom, he replied: “It’s simple. When I sit, I sit, when I stand, I stand, and when I go, I go”. But his students said: “But teacher, we do the same as you do” Then he added: “No. You, when you sit, you already stand, and when you stand, you already go” Michal Cichy  

I’m cycling on the highway, but here, in contrast to the U.S., no one honks at me, and if they do, it is done to greet me, not to sweep into a roadside ditch. I changed a rhythm of the day and try not to cycle at night. Sometimes I go a little after sunset, just not to put up the tent nearby highway, because it is louder and less pleasant than on someone’s back yard. And there is no problem whatsoever to put your tent on the yards. Here, no one says no.

I wrote last time that Mexican hospitality began already in the U.S. But I forgot to add that in the American part of Nogales, in McDonnald, a woman came up to me and after introducing herself as Mary, proposed a night with her family, being more precise, with a family of her husband. Somehow it did not work out, but thanks to Mary I had a pleasure to stay at her friend’s house – Maria Elena, who greeted me so warmly, as if I was a close, long unseen family member. I was able to wash, do the laundry, and have some rest before I hit the road again.


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